Introducing Ad-Man

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We at Directory Resources are pleased to introduce our newest product, Ad-Man.

We've used our decades of industry experience to create a product that will tighten-up your production department and delight your customers.

Whatever your current process may be, we are confident that Ad-Man will impress you.
Give us a call and we'll introduce you to Ad-Man.

Always On

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Ad-Man is fully web-based, so your designers and proofers can work from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Compatible with Mac and Windows.

Goodbye, Postage

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No more wasting time and money mailing proofs to your customers. Ad-Man lets your customers view and approve their ads over the internet.

Ad-Man will notify you the instant a customer views his proof on the online customer portal. Avoid the end-of-canvass rush by taking care of problems weeks sooner.

Take Control

  • Reduce your proofing staff. Ad-Man makes proofing quick, easy, and accurate.
  • Minimize errors by removing human steps from the process. No more guessing which ad version is the correct one.
  • Track designer productivity and ad aging.
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